21 February 2011

Paint by Numbers

Since we bought our house, we have talked about wanting to paint it. Unfortunately, A & I cannot decide on what colors. I keep saying that I want to paint the house white, with black trim and a red door -- or -- a dark tealish color with all white trim. He wants to paint the house brown with light tan/white accents. Opinions? It's hard having a ranch style house because not all paint schemes go with the layout of the house. I know that does not sound possible but it is very true. The bigger the house -- the more drastic and bold the color scheme can be.

 We have done so much to the inside of the house -- but the outside still looks unmaintained. I cannot believe that in April we will have been homeowners for a whole year! It amazes me how fast the time is flying by. It also amazes me how much we have accomplished so young. I know there are not THAT many people who can say they bought a house when they were 19 -- but I can, and it still blows my mind sometimes. But I must admit, sometimes I start to feel a little sad that I didn't buy my "dream house." I see others who are buying houses that are more similar to what I would want and I start to hate my house. I tend to forgot all the hard work that was put into my home. It was a mess when we first got it -- but now it truly does feel like my home and I love it. It makes me happy to know that we made it what it is. Anyone can go buy a house that does not need any work -- but we didn't -- and because of that I feel like we have been able to make it more a statement of us. If it had been in perfect condition to start with, I'm not sure how much I would have wanted to change it -- and it wouldnt feel as much OURS as it does. But nonetheless, I get tired of things really easily -- and i have picky tastes, so here is a list of things that I want to change sometime this year:

-new vinyl in the kitchen, bathrooms, foyer and laundry room
-either whole new sinks or new faucets for the bathrooms
-new shower door in master bathroom
-new doorknobs
-new fan in our bedroom
-new shades and possibly new curtains for the living room
-french doors to replace the sliding glass door
-fix closet doors in tv room
-new light fixtures in tv room and office
-get outside furniture for front porch and back patio
-fix outside patio area/ new roof for covered patio
-new dishwasher
-fix the fireplace
-build a mantle for fireplace
-BUILD tons of new furniture :)
-and tons more things that I can't think of right now! :)

I know we will probably not get to 1/2 the things on my list -- but it's fun to dream about how our house could look if we did everything we wanted to it!

I'll have to post pictures of our house on here soon since nobody has really seen it! :) It can be like a before and after... <3

I'm in love with this! How darling is that red door? :)

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