15 July 2010

A day in the life of US.

The alarm clock (less important, our cell phones) are beeping and snoozing from 8 am until 945 because we cannot pry our heads from our pillows. Our furbabies Monkee and Jayde know it's time to get up, and their kisses are a major wake-up call. When you have two jealous dogs who long for your attention...you're bound to be smothered with doggy kisses -- each one trying to out due the other; all the while my head is being stepped on by one, my stomach by the other. Aaron and I each pretend not to be awake so the other will get up to let them outside. And you know what...it hasn't gotten old yet :) We should rock-paper-scissors it.

I'm running late for work like usual and I can barely sneak a hug and a kiss goodbye from Aaron before Monkee darts outside as I'm walking out the door. Needless to say, I get a morning workout. My purse and keys are thrown to the ground and there I am chasing her down the road screaming out "sit!" "Monkee stop...!!!. I'm scared for her life -- thank goodness Aaron catches up to her as she surrenders to us. Needless to say mommy and daddy were not very happy with her. There is now a baby gate in our foyer to keep that from ever happening again.

Aaron has the day off so he decides to clean up our more than messy house. What two people and two dogs can do to a house in just a week amazes me. I swear we have ghosts who are helping us pull things out of place when we aren't there. It was nice to come home to a made bed and a clean bathroom. But as soon as I get home...it seems that Aaron's attention has been caught on beating Resident Evil on the playstation...and I am left to watch zombies and lickers try to kill my cartoon of a husband. I fall asleep and two hours later...still no sign of him stopping.

Lucky for me that the guy gets hungry every now and then. So we decided to head to his favorite place, Cracker Barrel, for dinner. I hate to step foot in that place because my waistline suffers every time I do. Yea sure...I have every intention of eating a salad...but as soon as I open the menu my eyes see Chicken and Dumplings and my mind is decided. Happens every time. By this time our waitress is giving us that "awww...you're such a cute little high-school couple..." look that I hate. I'm not a little kid, lady! If only we weren't short.

Aaron knocks his water over in my lap. Yep...we are THOSE people. The ones you hear across the restaurant as it suddenly gets quiet as the glass hits the table and the ice hits the floor. Within two seconds our entire table and my jeans are soaked. Thank goodness for napkins and servers who are used to this type of thing. :) We made sure to leave an extra good tip.

We have come to the conclusion over time that I am better at picking movies that we will BOTH like...so we headed down to the cheap theater with "Letters to Juliet" in my sight. One wouldn't think that the cheap rundown theater would be packed on a thursday night-- it was. We show up five minutes before the movie begins, and after deeply discussing what size drink we should get...medium, no large...medium...large...fine MEDIUM...luckily get seats in the back of the small theater where we just happen to have two TALL people sit right in our view. Aaron was probably 1 out of 5 guys in a crowd of 40. Aaron feels the need to not whisper during a movie and just blurts out stuff and I'm telling him for the hundredth time to "SHHH!. Once again...we are THOSE people. :) But he loved every minute of the movie...I know it. It was a really cute chick flick about true love never ending...I know, I know...mushy girly stuff...but you know what, its a feel good movie with a happy ending. Sometimes it is nice to have a happy ending once in a while, right? Aaron & I recommend.

Come home. Walk the dogs -- or more so, they walk us. Come back home. Cuddle up on the futon as Aaron returns his mission of conquering Resident Evil as he eats jelly beans. He succeeds. Could that be a record? Now it's on to round 2. Oh, the life. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Except for maybe adding in the view of the ocean and the sound of the waves...but I guess for now the sound of zombies and guns on the tv will have to do. 

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JonandCaylee said...

cute post Kim. Can't wait to read more.