22 July 2010

Using the umbrella called love.

Isn't it funny how just getting married changes everything. I mean everything. The way everything feels...is as if it is coming from someone else. Suddenly there are rules to live up to -- trying to do things the way "husbands and wives" do them -- that were not there before. But who made these rules? And how do we know about them? We are young, and there are times where I realize that we are both still kids trying to find our place in this world. One thing that is reassuring is that we both know that no matter where our life takes us...and how many rainy days we will have to walk through without umbrellas...it is okay. Marriage is our umbrella. Our unity will see us through anything that comes our way as long as we let it thrive.

So what is the key to a thriving marriage...? <3

Us on our rehearsal night. I must say mom...you know how to capture a moment <3 :)

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C said...

Hi! Yes, you ARE still there...you're a funny sort of a girl....you say hello, and then the next time you say hello again is 2 years later....

How are you? How was your wedding?? Where are your wedding photos????? :)