25 July 2010

One AM

One of my favorite things about being married to Aaron is the conversations we have right before we go to bed.
For some reason it seems as though we are like kids that don't want to go to bed -- just five more minutes!?!. Our minds race with thoughts that we forgot to think during the day and we just cannot seem to make ourselves tired enough to close our eyes. It's not like we talk about anything of significance or of prime urgency...we are just talking to talk. And laughing...LAUGHING...my favorite part. I never thought I would be so lucky as to fall asleep with laughter in my soul. It is a good feeling. So its unusual to say...but my favorite part of the day is going to sleep (or the moments before) because it is the funniest part of the day :)

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JonandCaylee said...

I totally agree with you. I always tell Jon that the best part of the day is when I finally get to cuddle up in bed with him and have that uninterrupted us time. Enjoy it.