28 July 2010

love & the scale

It has been a year today since I started on my weight loss journey! A whole 365 days -- and 30lbs less. There is no doubt in my mind if it were not for A I would not be where I am today. He has kept me motivated on the days when I wanted to give up. Through SUNSHINE AND RAIN, he has been a vital part of my personal journey.
We celebrated with a good workout that is almost hindering my thoughts from escaping my brain because i'm simply said...BEAT :)

The whole thing makes me understand how important it is to support your spouse in their endeavors. It is more important than many realize -- but I see it, feel it. Too many couples separate their goals from eachother-- as if their goals could not be reached with their partner's help. I have to say that it helps to have your best friend holding that umbrella over your head as those rain drops of doubt begin to fall. A holds the umbrella by telling me I'm beautiful each and every day --he has the whole time, before my journey ever began; maybe that's what counts most of all. I'm oh so lucky in that way, and i'll vow to pinch myself if I ever start to close my eyes to that.

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