05 August 2010


This is a post about babies -- our way in the future babies -- more or less....their names.

Somehow we managed to get onto baby names this morning and A blurted out "I want to name our son THOR..." Yep, greek mythological...Thor. At this point I'm sure that a "you think that...but we're not" smile is creeping across my face. It's so like A to choose something like that -- mr bodybuilder picking a name that stands for power and strength... But it got me thinking. Thor was the God of thunder and power. I've always wanted really unique baby names and well....you cant get more unique than that. I personally like the name troy... :) But what I really starting thinking was...do we really take on our name meanings? I'm not so sure...

 Kimberly: Royal fortress 

Aaron: Moutain

So...should one consider the meaning of a name when choosing one...?

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