06 August 2010


What a lovely finish to a not-so-lovely day.  A was sick last night and had to call out for work today because he wasnt any better; a stomach flu, or something of the sorts. My tummy feels it a little too :( Despite that, I worked my typical double shift which takes up my entire friday for a mere 5 hours (lame is an understatement); so the day, as you can tell, was far from enjoyable.  Anyway...there is an event in our town called Kuna Days, and we have been hearing about it for days. We couldnt go because we were BOTH supposed to work...but I still feel like we experienced the best part of it all -- a light up the night fireworks show!

There is something about fireworks that never ceases to amaze me. They light up the sky in the most beautiful way, and the sound they make...gives me chills. The best part of it all is that we got to watch the whole twenty minute show right from our backyard-- it was a clear shot as the fireworks shot up over our fence. Our little town was packed with cars on the side of the road and the park was nothing short of overcrowded. There is no doubt that we had the best seats in the house. It is moments like that that make me realize what life is all about. It is the little unexpected things that you dont plan for that bring so much happiness into your life. We had no idea of the fireworks until we made our way to the grocery store right before for a little snack. It turned our night from ehhh into ehhmazing! But maybe it is just because we both love fireworks :)

Goodnight and sweet dreams from K & A.

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