09 August 2010

Dog & Dog & Cat... Oh My!

I never thought it would hit me, just how accustomed I had gotten to having people around all the time when I lived at home. There were SIX of us plus the THREE dogs; it was a full house, and I miss it.
I love having my own house and life with A, but there are a lot of times where we are each home alone. It will be better when school starts again in a couple weeks because I will be a busy bee once again. I think that is why I like school; I always have something that is taking up my time so I am never bored, and I am sure the lonely bug will bite me a lot less.

Needless to say, I have begun to turn our house into our very own farm! Isn't that everyone's dream? A, Monkee and I was not enough; very quiet in our big ole' three bedroom house. So we went on to get our second bundle of joy Jayde...and now we have done it again -- say hello to Kiwi, our 3 month old little kittie. I swear this is the last thing until we have babies. What can I say, we are trying to turn our house into a home. Sometimes I think that maybe we should have just gotten a tiny little one bedroom apartment because I'm sure it would feel a lot less empty -- cramped at least.

The "fun" part of getting Kiwi is going to be trying to get our crazy dogs to behave with her. It is not that they want to hurt her, its just that they LOVE to play. Sometimes I cannot believe how rough Monkee and Jayde play; they sound like they are going to kill eachother. No broken bones yet -- though Monkee always goes straight for the back legs. I just hope that they do not have to learn the hard way that cats do not play the way they do. They are princesses...fairies...prisses -- not rough and tough dogs. :) I just hope for all their sake it works out okay. Meow!

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