11 August 2010

Cleaning type of night

A finally drug me into his "shop" aka our garage to prepare for a yard sale we are trying to have soon. A yard sale of my very own; makes me feel like such a grownup. I am a confessed pack rat -- I have school assignments and projects back from third grade that I just cannot seem to part with, along with a million notebooks that are all barely filled up.
I have knick-knacks and junk galore. We seemed to come across so much stuff that is destined for the trash can, like VHS tapes. Seriously, we are in the age of Blu-Rays where dvds are going to be obsolete before we know it. Let alone trying to sell vhs. Sadly, I decided to part with my acclaimed MaryKate & Ashley VHS collection. So sad, I know. We also came across countless cds of singers and bands that came and went and that probably nobody remembers who they are. But, "we will sell them, believe me" A explains. We will be lucky to get a dollar for the whole entire lot.

I did come across one thing that made both of us smile and reminisce: a notebook of letters I had written to Aaron when we first started dating. I wrote to him mostly at night talking about my feelings toward him, especially when he went away the first summer of our relationship. It was more like a diary to Aaron. Sometimes I wrote of the future...sometimes I had written some of my favorite quotations. But it was in whole a snapshot of our love as it was developing -- a tale of young love. I read the pages aloud to A and we laughed and remembered our sheer innocence that we had encompassed as we started our life together. It felt like so long ago...but it has really only been three and a half years. It makes you realize how much can happen in such a short amount of time -- it makes my head and heart do somersaults thinking about it. One of the best pages I came across was a list of promises I had written to him. There were probably about fifteen things listed...and for the most part I had kept my promises. There were a couple things I had not done so well with according to A. I don't remember what they were specifically but I think it has to do with doing the little things... I admit, I've gotten a bit lazy over time.

 I guess it comes with getting more comfortable with your significant other. Things become routine and you just feel like you don't have to "try" to show your feelings anymore because they should just know. Although I do know A loves me, it is nice to be shown through actions every once in a awhile, and the same goes for me showing him. But reading the little letters aloud made me feel like I had felt as that bright eye teenage girl who had fallen in love over the summer before her senior year -- it was not the best of circumstances in which we had began but it has turned into quite the ride.

It's funny what cleaning the garage can turn into -- for us it was a trip down memory lane that was much overdue. Maybe I'll break open the old boxes more often.

this is what it looked like before we started...we're not finished yet


Erin said...

Three and a half years--where does the time go? Before you know it, we'll be in our golden years. I miss you, Kim!!! I miss our senior year of high school. I really wish saw each other--or talked--more often than never. I miss the good ol' days. <3<3<3

mrs. t said...

<3 I love you erin & i agree with you completely. I wish that things hadnt changed. I think you should just move out to idaho :)