20 August 2010

Live the life you Love

A Random Day in the Life of Aaron & Kim:

11:30AM:  Wake up to dogs whining to go potty. Aaron gets up to let them out.

11:40:   A & dogs are back and pups attack Kim's head

12:15:   Make pancakes on the NEW STOVE!

12:45:   Watch the pups & kitty play :) Kim becomes one of the animals, hands & knees on the floor.

1:20:     Get Ready for the day with the music up WAY too loud.

2:20:     Put pups away & watch the kitty play with them underneath the door

2:30:     Finally Leave after arguing about who's car to take. Aaron's is gas efficient -- Kim's has AC. Middle of summer, Kim's wins.

2:50:     Arrive @ taco bell. Aaron looks at menu for 5 minutes. Kim gets- beefy 5 layer burrito & soft taco supreme   Aaron gets- Two soft tacos & chicken quesedilla.  It was DELICIOUS!

3:40:     Make our way back into the craziness of Boise drivers

4:00:     Arrive @ Best Buy.  Look at car speakers and stereos. Kim thinks Aaron has them up too loud and is embarrassed.

4:35:      Spend 10 minutes trying to figure out where the closest big lots is. Stupid gps didnt think there was one. Called mom, proved the gps wrong :)

5:00:      Arrive at Big Lots. Want to buy everything in sight. Bought everything in sight except an adorable dog bed "because they don't need another one," according to Aaron.

6:30:      Leave with more stuff than we bargained for. Thank goodness for walmart bonuses & a no interest for 6 months credit card! :)

7:00:      Get home & have to carry everything in. Neighbors are staring & it's creepy.

7:20:      Aaron puts new desk together. Kim sits on floor eating candy and playing with the dogs.

9:05:       Desk is done; Get ready for the gym. Kim changes outfits three times. They run around the house yelling for Monkee because she is nowhere to be found. She is under the kitchen chair.

9:45:      Arrive at gym. Kim reads twilight while cycling on bike and Aaron lifts weights. Kim attempts to lift heavier weights than usual...somewhat successful.

11:00:     Leave gym. Stop @ gas station.  Aaron gets a soda, Kim gets a bag of popcorn and it = $1.76. They think that is a pretty good deal.

11:20:     Look at redbox movies. Nothing good.

11:21:     Get home. Let dogs outside. Pop popcorn.

11:30:     Feed the pups & kitty.

11:45:     Organize the new desk & set up the new printer.

12:20AM:     Aaron hits the shower, Kim facebooks and talks to her best friend Michelle.

1:00:       Aaron hooks up rabit ears to tv. There were about 10 channels -- the best being a HD nature channel.

1:05:      Kim watches nature channel which talks about volcanoes in Hawaii. Kim tells Aaron to look @ tv every minute.  Aaron puts new dvd shelf together.

1:20:      Kim blogs about day and realizes just how much more it feels like you do in a day when you write it all down. How can she feel unproductive now?

1:35:      Kim finishes blog and goes back to watching interesting Hawaii show.

Love the life you live. <3   Hope this made you smile.

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