09 September 2010

To Greece in My Head

I truly wish that I had more time to blog. I knew this would happen once school was back in session. Not much has been happening for A and I lately. We have been spending a lot less time together though, which makes us both sad :( But when I have 60 math problems, a math quiz, plus work in 4 other classes each week, plus work...my time is stretched as thin as chocolate on a 98 degree day. We did, however, manage to have a yard sale over the weekend -- which was a complete flop. We made $17 from 10am-2pm. Yippeee! *rolls eyes* But the plus side is A took the rest of the junk to the pawn shop and we made $30 more! We spent some of it on filters for our air conditioner. Isn't that exciting!?! *rolls eyes again* It's funny how priorities change when you're not a kid anymore. I never thought at 20 I would be thinking about air conditioner filters...or a house payment. But Im happy -- and proud -- with what we have accomplished!

However, it is after a long day when A and I have seen nothing of eachother that I wish that we could just fly away. That we could find a paradise of our own in Greece along the majestic coast -- steal away to paradise. But thoughts like those are just that -- thoughts and dreams, and so far from reality that my brain can hardly grasp what it really means. We need to win the lottery so we can just live and love and laugh for the rest of our days. But for now, this is where we will stay. Somewhere in between good and paradise -- where paradise means that we would never have to work or think about anything except eachother and those we love. But that's alright with me. Because sometimes, paradise can be in your own town, home, yard...if you imagine it to be. So tonight I will lay my head on my pillow next to A and dream of a paradise all of our own that we can travel to without traveling -- that we can experience for free. Paradise is our love for eachother. And that's enough. At least until we can afford Greece. :)

((( Just a little side note: We went and saw the movie Charlie St. Cloud a few days ago. We give it FOUR thumbs up! So if you can go catch it before it leaves theaters, do it! But rent it for sure! )))

Aaron takes the cutest pictures! :)

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