02 October 2010

You are my Fall

It's been in the 90's all week here in Idaho -- we have enjoyed it immensely. A and i have taken Monkee & Jayde for more walks and i can't explain how much they love them; i think they think they are taking us out. I hope that we can be as dedicated when the cold weather comes to visit. I must say though -- i love all the seasons simply because they each bring something different. The seasons represent life itself in that they are ever-changing -- they don't stay and they're never the same each year. Once you learn to love the seasons -- you can learn to love life for all the changes it seems to bring -- life is beauty in motion.

The beginning of fall is simply my favorite time of year. It is warm enough to enjoy being outside, but you can breath in the crisp air and feel so alive. I walked out of work tonight and i couldn't help but notice that smell -- the smell fall. I love it; why can't they bottle it, make it into a candle? If there were a candle that smelled like the beginning of fall i would burn it year-round. But then there is also that feeling that comes with it. The excitement of knowing that the holidays are right around the corner -- the time of year where love is given freely & openly and without demands. It is beautiful in its simplicity -- how can a change in seasons change so much? ...because that's how it supposed to be.

It's funny how everything seems different now that A & I are married. Now it's like "it's our first fall as a married couple....." like it's going to feel different just because we're married. But it kinda does; perhaps because a change in seasons represents us right now. As each season passes we grow closer in love -- we learn more about ourselves in terms of being an "us" and what that really means. I'm more than I was six months ago. I'm not just somebody's fiancĂ©' -- I'm a wife, and to me that feels important, monumental. Just like the change in seasons always feels important and different; so has the transition into the title of wife and husband for A and I. This morning when I was getting ready for work, I glanced over at A -- his hand was hanging off the side of the bed and his ring caught my eye. And it's not like I don't notice it every day, and that I haven't seen it a hundred times -- but for some reason, it felt significant again. He's my husband, he's my fall -- my breath of fresh air, and I love him more than my head can think or my heart can beat -- and no matter what, it's going to be like that, just like the ever-changing seasons; it's just how it's meant to be; no need to think of why or how, it just is.

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Ashley said...

Aw.... I love this.