03 March 2011

It's like having babies -- only you can crate them when you're gone

This is a post about my dogs -- my babies -- my little, lovely, spoiled-rotten princesses. They are the cutest darn things, and they bring A & I so much joy. I know that we would be absolutely lost if anything ever happened to them -- and we are crazy parents always worrying about their safety. Even our backyard isn't safe...a bird my swoop down and take 'em away. Really...it's true.

But why are they so wonderful to us? Let me explain each one, Monkee, Jayde & Sasha Boo, in perfect detail, starting in the order that they became a part of our family.

Monkee: Monkee Butt, She is the baby, even though she is not the youngest. She cries to get her way -- especially when it is food that she wants. Aaron thinks it's funny to make her howl. She loves to cuddle (especially under the covers) so she is the perfect little snuggle buddy. She has the cutest little face and she knows how to use it. Whenever you walk over to her, she will roll over unto her back because she wants her tummy rubbed. But she knows that in return she has to "give mama kisses." She knows that on command. There's nothing she hates more though than wearing clothes. She will stand in one place for an hour if I try to dress her up. She is little miss grumpy pants until I undress her. I feel like she was born to love, because she is everyone's best friend. She goes crazy when she gets to see family (Mom, Dad, Kelly, Grandma), especially when it is them coming to our house. She'll whine because she's so excited! Everyone loves Monkee...because she's the cutest :)

Jayde: She is our little monster! That's her nickname anyways. She has the most loving puppy eyes I have ever seen. It feels like she is looking deep inside of me whenever she looks at me -- and I know it's because she loves me so much. We got her from the humane society. I saw her picture on their website; they said she was a chihuahua mix. I wanted another chihuahua so I went to go and see her. Although she doesn't really look like a chihuahua, I didnt care. I fell in love with her right away. She was in really bad shape -- skin & bones -- but we nursed her to health within a couple months. From the first day she has been attached to me (almost too much), and I think she may have separation anxiety. She will do whatever it takes to get to me if I leave the room, even if it means jumping over baby gates. Wherever I go she goes -- i look at her and she is looking at me. & she She gives me kisses ALL the time :) She LOVES to play fetch and would play it for hours, and is quite amusing when she plays with the other two babies. She does great on a leash & I have a feeling she would make a great jogging buddy. She is characteristic of loyalty and I love her to death ... even if she's not totally potty trained yet :)

Sasha: Our little Boo Bear. We got her on halloween, and I thought that she looked like a ghost. We almost named her Boo; but decided to just have that be her middle name. She may not be able to hear, but she makes up for it with personality. She is such a bundle of energy & she is all BAARRRKK (she has a loud one). She drags all of the toys out of their toy box. She runs away from you when you try to catch her. She rarely sits still and she is ALWAYS trying to get her sisters to play with her. But the old ladies (haha) want nothing to do with her sometimes -- & that drives her crazy. She will bite their ears and face and make little growling noises. It's adorable and funny. She has just recently started to bark at herself in the full length mirror we have in our tv room. She will go and lay in front of it when we are watching tv and just stare at herself in it. She will even look at us through the mirror. It cracks us up. She's our little challenge, I mean, how do you train a deaf dog. Sign langauge is hard to teach a chihuahua who I believe has ADD. I'm not sure she'll ever get trained -- but she is adorable nonetheless, and we love her unconditionally.

Now do you see why we are absolutely, wholeheartedly, IN LOVE with our little munchkins? :D

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BIG D said...

Looks like you guys love you dog's.I know the feelin.