28 October 2010

To be inspired is to inspire

I used to write a lot when I was younger. It is as though inspiration poured out of me, overflowing onto the pages of my notebooks. But now, I try to sit down and write and there is nothing there. I'm more aware now that my writing needs to be worth reading, and these days, I just don't have time for inspiration. I'm always busy with school and work, and life -- there is just no time to relax and let it all flow out. If I let my thoughts flow out without regard for their importance or validity, I would probably leave a trail of math equations for you to read. It makes me really sad -- when I cannot write, I feel like a part of me is missing. But how can one write when it seems there is nothing worth writing about? So what do I do? I make time each day for inspiration -- to breathe in the day and let it soak in like water into the earth. But can one truly go looking to be inspired? Is that not against the "rules" of inspiration? Probably so. But what else can be done when everything in life is on a set schedule. Nothing. So I am penciling into my head ten minutes of inspiration tomorrow, and the day after that. Ten minutes to breathe in the world around me for what it really is, not how I view it in passing. I will stop everything -- think nothing -- and inspire so that I can inspire you.

Searching for inspiration...

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Ashley DeWitt said...

You always inspire me to be better!