07 February 2011

I See It, I Eat it!

I think I'm addicted to fast food -- more or less, Arctic Circle. They have the best french fries & their fry sauce is Ahh-ma-zing! I did sooo good all day. I went to the gym, had a really good workout, ate really healthy, drank more liquids than usual. Then I call A when I'm leaving school and he asks, "wanna meet @ arctic circle?" Of course I can't turn that down -- I know it's bad for me and it is completely going against my goal to get back in shape, but I just cannot help myself. I wasnt even that hungry and I ate a whole meal anyways. I think I need therapy. :X Do you have any suggestions to be able to just say NO!?! I told A when we were walking out of the place that he can't bring me there anymore. But I've told him that a million times, and well, there we were after 9 o'clock hitting up our favorite fast food joint. He doesn't understand because he's trying to "get bigger" as he says, and he can take in anything and not think twice about it. But me, my metabolism seems to be snail-speed and I have to do everything right in order to see results.  I forgot to mention that I've also acquired a pretzel/coconut m&m addiction as well. I'm following weight watchers and I manage to have just enough points every night to have a pack of m&m's. Yes, I have the points, but I should be using them on...well...not m&m's. I NEED HELP! I think that I need a bad food intervention -- because it's gotten way out of hand. :)  ...motivation please.


Mrs. Smith said...

My best suggestion for kicking a fast food habit is to read the Eat This Not That website. The things they tell you about fast food ingredients and nutrition facts grossed me out so much I rarely have any interest in fast food. (Never if you exclude Sonic tater tots and Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas. :) )

mrs. t said...

I am definitely going to check that out! Thanks for the suggestion :D